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Super Bitcoin Hardfork & Snapshot
Greetings from CPDAX.
A new Bitcoin will be hardforked at Block Height #498888 on December 12, 2017 (around 19:00-22:00 KST).
Super Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency and it is not compatible with existing Bitcoin. For these reasons, CPDAX will archive a snapshot (balance statement) of Bitcoin at the time when Block Height #498888 is mined.

The details of Super Bitcoin, including its supplies and distribution, will be discussed later when its ecosystem proves viable and its potential becomes visible. The information provided below is from the Super Bitcoin dev site and is subject to change.

Information from Super Bitcoin Dev Team:

What is Super Bitcoin?

Super Bitcoin is a new blockchain that will be hardforked at Block Height #498888 of the existing Bitcoin. Miners will mine blocks using a new PoW algorithm. However, the balance statement will be shared with Bitcoin until the fork.
The block size of Super Bitcoin is 8 megabytes, which is eight times larger than that of Bitcoin.
A total of 21,210,000 coins will be issued, of which 210,000 will be pre-mined and used to sustain its network by developers.

Super Bitcoin is dubbing itself with the motto of “Make Bitcoin Great Again,” while promising the following features on its roadmap.
  • Increased usability with Smart Contracts
  • Increased privacy with Zero Knowledge Proof
  • Increased transaction speed with the Lightning Network

The Super Bitcoin official website: http://supersmartbitcoin.com
Disclaimer: The content provided here is for your reference only. CPDAX remains neutral regarding Super Bitcoin.

Thank you.


Ethereum Classic(ETC) hardfork announcement
Greetings from CPDAX.
Ethereum Classic will deploy a hardfork to modify its mining algorithm at the 5,000,000th block today, 12th December (01:00-03:00 in KST).
With this change, Ethereum Classic will be capped at 200,003,000 coins and will reduce block reward by 20% every 5,000,000th block.
This will effectively change the reward from 5ETC to 4ETC.
Please refrain from making transactions during the hardfork, as the nodes will be updated and there may be service interruptions and/or delays.


Thank you.


Announcement on temporary Buy/Sell Policy
To protect our user's assets safe, we decided to change the Buy/Sell Policy temporarily due to the high volatility of the digital asset's price.

Market Order
  • Only the orders on the order book with the price 30% above/below the last price will be filled.
  • Unfilled orders will be cancelled automatically.
  • For example, if the current last price of Bitcoin(BTC) is 1,000 KRW and you want to sell 1 Bitcoin with the market sell order. If there are bids(red digits on order book) subtotal 0.7BTC with the order price from 700 KRW to 1,000 KRW, only 0.7 BTC will be filled with your market order and 0.3 BTC left will not be filled but cancelled automatically.

Limit Order
  • Orders on the order book with the price 40% above/below the last price will not be executed.

Please understand this policy is temporary and order features will be improved for your best experience.
We appreciate your understanding and support for the policy and CPDAX always regards the safety of our customer’s assets for top priority.

Thank you.


CPDAX deposit/withdrawal policy change & updates announcement
Recently, financial fraud and accident such as voice phishing and investment scams exploiting digital asset's anonymity are increasing. To protect our users and assets, we are announcing new deposit/withdrawal policy.

Update Schedule
  • Date & Time: 2017. 12. 14. 16:00 ~ 16:30
  • Please note updates may not take as long as scheduled.

Major Changes
  • Withdrawal of the digital asset will be suspended for 96 hours after the first KRW deposit.
  • This suspension will be held after the first deposit of the KRW for one time. However, users can still trade the digital assets at the exchange.
  • The suspension will be cleared after 96 hours automatically.

UI Improvements
  • Digital Asset Index information is removed from the CPDAX website's footer. We're planning to provide better index information diversified with the price information from other exchanges.
  • Name of the Digital Asset will appear above the trading pairs.
  • Will show the current market balance only instead of showing all available balance.

We appreciate your understanding and support for the policy and CPDAX always regards the safety of our customer’s assets for top priority.

Thank you.


CPDAX’s Statement on Bitcoin Hardforks
Recently, Bitcoin Gold(BTG), Bitcoin Diamond(BTD), and more are being generated or has been generated by Bitcoin’s hardfork.

CPDAX is monitoring all these forked new coins to secure our customer’s rights. However, we have found out several issues upon these forked coins.

  1. There are several problems such as delay of the transaction and malfunction of the Block Explorer due to their lack of the amount of nodes.
  2. Most of the teams who run those forked blockchains are not yet proven about their capabilities to run or develop blockchain network.
  3. Most of those forked new coins targeted GPU miners. However, these similar algorithm based new coins are apt to be eliminated or expelled from the ecosystem. This might cause or endanger our customers to lose their assets. CPDAX is not supportive of the forks that occur simply for the sake of forking.

CPDAX think we have rightful obligation to develop the sound digital asset trading ecosystem as one of the leading blockchain ecosystem developer. Therefore, we keep our full attention to prove those teams developing new coins derived by Bitcoin hardfork.
CPDAX has set up the policy about the Future Bitcoin forked coins as followings:
  • CPDAX will snapshot our customer’s wallet status when hardfork occurs.
  • CPDAX will monitor the ecosystem of those forked blockchain networks after they launch the mainnet.
  • If the mainnet is proved to be stable, CPDAX will distribute the assets and determine whether to list or not.
We appreciate your understanding and support for the policy and CPDAX always regards the safety of our customer’s assets for top priority.

Thank you.


CPDAX's Statement on Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)
CPDAX is preparing for the upcoming Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) hard fork (estimated to occur on 2017/11/24) with the following procedures:
  • Before the potential fork, CPDAX will take a snapshot of all Bitcoin balances in CPDAX accounts at Block 495,866.
  • After we determine the forked blockchain and wallet to be usable and stable, CPDAX will credit users with their BCD (1BTC will give 10BCD).
Thank you
Official Bitcoin Diamond homepage : http://www.btcd.io/


Simplified Signing Up Process and Extended Withdrawal Policy
We are pleased to announce our new updated and simplified signing up process.

Please note the following changes:

  1. You can now open a trading account just by verifying your email. However all your activities will be limited to crypto-currencies.
  2. Please verify your mobile phone to extend your crypto-currency withdrawal limit.
  3. Please register and verify your bank account to deposit and withdraw KRW.
  4. Please verify your photo ID for maximum withdrawal limits in both crypto-currencies and KRW transactions.

Please refer to our Deposit, Withdrawal Level page for more information.

Thank you.


The BTC Withdrawal Fee Adjustment
Currently the Bitcoin(BTC) network is experiencing extremely high traffic and we are facing significant delays with BTC transactions. Our current fee of 0.0005 BTC for normal transactions and our 0.001 BTC for express transactions is not enough to cover the delays and with the current fees your transaction could remain unconfirmed indefinately. To overcome this problem, we decided to temporarily increase the BTC withdrawal fee until the network becomes stable once more.

Fee type Current Update
Normal 0.0005 BTC 0.003 BTC
Express 0.001 BTC 0.007 BTC

Please note the withdrawal fee is solely used to incentivize the miners and the BTC network.
The increase is to match the current network traffic and will be lowered once the network settles down. We will inform you again once we decide to lower the withdrawal fees.

Thank you.


Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Hard Fork Upgrade Announcement
We would like to inform you that CPDAX will be under maintenance on the following day.

  • Time: 2017-11-10 (Friday) between 01:00 ~ 02:00
  • Reason: Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Client Upgrade
  • During this maintenance hours please refrain from making any Bitcoin Cash(BCH) deposits and withdrawals because confirmation time may be delayed.

There will be no service changes during the upgrade.

Thank you for using CPDAX.


Our New Fee Schedule and Withdrawal Limit Update
Dear traders,

We are pleased to announce our new fee schedule where you will be able to trade at a discount or even have your fees rebated. On top of our new fee schedule we have updated our withdrawal policy.

Please refer to our Fees page and our Deposit, Withdrawal Limits page for more details.

Thank you for using CPDAX.


Temporary Service Interruption Announcement
We would like to inform you that CPDAX will be under maintenance on the following day:

  • Time: 2017-11-07 (Tuesday) between 20:00 ~ 22:00
  • Reason: Server updates and minor fixes.
  • All CPDAX services will be temporarily unavailable.

Thank you for using CPDAX.


Bitcoin Gold Launch Delayed
After the BTG hard fork on October 24, the mainnet launch has been delayed, due to the development of the Replay Protection code and the addition of custom codes to the BTG network.

When BTG hard fork occurs, a single private key will be able to control two types of assets, BTC and BTG, allowing one consumed asset in one Blockchain to be used in another Blockchain. The Replay Protection code prevents such action and it is crucial to the stability of the BTG network thus requiring significant testing.

The BTG development team informs us that the Replay Protection code has been developed, and it is now fully implemented. However, the scheduled launch for November 1st has been delayed indefinitely.

Once BTG officially launches on the mainnet, CPDAX will test BTG's network stability and its integrity to ensure the safety of our customers’ assets and after our tests have completed we will start distributing BTGs to our customers.

We will be monitoring the official forums and will inform you of any changes that may occur.

Thank you for using CPDAX.


Our policy regarding Bitcoin Gold
As you might already know we are expecting another Bitcoin fork called Bitcoin Gold which will be incompatible with the main Blockchain network.

The expected forked block is 491,407th block.
The time will vary depending on the network but the fork is expected to happen in the early morning of 2017 October 24th.

Bitcoin Gold is known to not have a consensus agreed code and have not been fully tested or debugged. Furthermore no known developers have been officially announced. Because of the known instabilities / lack of information about Bitcoin Gold we will not provide Bitcoin Gold immediately. However we will continually monitor the network and once we decide that Bitcoin Gold has stabilized, we will provide our customers with Bitcoin Gold in the ratio of 1:1 of your Bitcoin balance.

Thank you.


Daily Crypto Currency Withdrawal Limit
All digital assets withdrawal limits have been set to KRW.

Meaning the limit of withdrawals are not based on the currency but based on the currency value in KRW and the value in KRW is based on the previous day's close price for each currency.

For example if you wish to withdraw Bitcoins and your limit is 2,000,000 KRW, then your limit would be around 0.5 BTC.

Previous day's closed price for BTC: 4,000,000 KRW (hypothetical example)
Your daily withdrawal limit: 2,000,000 KRW
The maximum amount of Bitcoins you can withdraw today would be 0.5 BTC.

Thank you.


CPDAX Launching Promotion Event - 100% Fee Payback
To celebrate the launch of our new cryptocurrency exchange, CPDAX (Coinplug Digital Asset Exchange), we are promoting a trading fee payback event.
This event will be held for a month from our launch date. Please see the details below.

  • Event Date
    September 1st (Friday) to September 27th (Wednesday)

  • Payback Schedule
    1st Payback
    Sept. 1st (Open) ~ Sept. 7th
    Payback date: Friday, Sept. 11th

    2nd Payback
    Sept.8th ~ Sept. 14th
    Payback date: Friday, Sept. 18th

    3rd Payback
    Sept. 15th ~ Sept. 21st
    Payback date: Friday, Sept. 25th

    4th Payback
    Sept. 22nd ~ Sept. 28th
    Payback date: Friday, Sept. 29th

  • Payback Requirement
    All CPDAX members who have completed a trade during the payback event.

  • Payback Details
    • All paybacks will be paid back into the currency used. For example BTC fees will be paid back with BTC and KRW will be paid back with KRW.
    • If your trade was partially filled you will be paid back the partially filled trade fees.
    • Please check the Deposit & Withdraw menu to see your paybacks.

※ Disclaimer
  • CPDAX will never ask for your personal information and if you are contacted by anyone requesting your information please change your password and contact our customer support immediately.
  • The payback event is applied to all CPDAX members who are fully verified and able to trade.
  • We have the right to change the terms and conditions of the payback event at our discretion.


CPDAX Launched!
Dear CPDAX Customers,
We are happy to announce our brand new trading platform CPDAX, where you can safely trade cryptocurrencies in real-time.
We now offer Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Litecoin (LTC) as tradable assets and more cryptocurrencies will be added in the near future.